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A day will come when you, too, must share your knowledge of things and people. As the singular witness of a happening uniquely revealed to you, in words as yet unknown, you will reveal to your brothers [and sisters] the ineffable wisdom on your heart.


– Irenee Guilane Dioh


My journeys into Ideas and practices I have experimented with in the past and am testing today.


The sense I make out of my past thinking and writings and their relationship to current events.


The questions I ponder and the insights I gain after I've treated "reality as an interesting hypothesis."


January 5,2021

Past Influences On My Future Thinking

ROBERT E. NEILSON, PH.D. Class of 1966 What do you do? Someone asked me. “I think about the future,” I replied. While in high school, I thought about the implications...

December 8,2020

I Was A History Maker While History Was Being Made

PEGGY BEECHAM Class of 1966 From birth, my journey as a baby boomer through my formative years, through young adulthood, and now into my mature status as a retired senior...


January 2,2021

Kwanzaa 2020 Recap Of The Seven Principles

 Day One Uomjo (Unity) Day Two Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) Day Three Ujima (Collective Work & Responsibility) Day Four Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)Day Five Nia (Purpose)Day 6 Kuumba CreativityDay 7 Imani (Faith)

January 1,2021

Kwanzaa 2020 Day 7 IMANI (FAITH)

"THE SEVENTH PRINCIPLE, IMANI (FAITH), teaches us to believe in the good and our capacity to achieve it, share it, and leave it as a worthy legacy for those who...

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