Mindfulness Theories & Practices #4: Solutions & Resolutions

Once upon a time, we approached all our problems as if they had “solutions” we could come up with all by ourselves. We had great confidence in our ability to figure things out in our heads. Every day, we reasoned; we identified causes and effects; we came up with answers. One day, our solutions stopped working, and our reasoning was not giving the results we were used to getting. Because of that, we became disoriented. Because of that, we began to look for other ways to come up with answers to our questions that were going unanswered. Until finally, we discovered that answers, in addition to being in our heads, can also be found in our heart, in our gut, and in our stillness. After that, while we searched for “solutions,” we also explored “resolutions.” We got the insight that solutions are “found,” while resolutions “happen.” As a result, we have increased the number of tools in our problem-solving tool kit to include our mind, body, spirit, and shadow; and we have an array of ways to frame questions, to get answers and to receive resolutions….

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