February 23,2021

“Conversations Across Generations”Reflections on the Golden Decade of the 1960s

DR. ANTHONY BROWDERTo my daughter Atlantis and all the young people who view me as a role model: I was born in 1951. As I approach my 70th year, I...

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February 9,2021

“Conversations Across Generations”Ancestors to Progeny

OKELLA PAIGE TRICEI’m one of my families’ genealogists. I have followed several branches of my families’ trees -- Paiges, Saunders, Palmers, and Trices, among others.  I also help others trace...

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February 2,2021

“Conversations Across Generations”My Letter To My Great-Nephew, Jourdan Hamilton

LOUIS HICKS Take a look at me, Jourdan! I’m enjoying a financially secure and personally rewarding retirement, 51 years after graduating from high school in 1969 in racially segregated Austin,...

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January 5,2021

Past Influences On My Future Thinking

ROBERT E. NEILSON, PH.D. Class of 1966 What do you do? Someone asked me. “I think about the future,” I replied. While in high school, I thought about the implications...

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January 2,2021

Kwanzaa 2020 Recap Of The Seven Principles

 Day One Uomjo (Unity) Day Two Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) Day Three Ujima (Collective Work & Responsibility) Day Four Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)Day Five Nia (Purpose)Day 6 Kuumba CreativityDay 7 Imani (Faith)

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January 1,2021

Kwanzaa 2020 Day 7 IMANI (FAITH)

"THE SEVENTH PRINCIPLE, IMANI (FAITH), teaches us to believe in the good and our capacity to achieve it, share it, and leave it as a worthy legacy for those who...

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December 31,2020

Kwanzaa 2020 Day 6 Kuumba (Creativity)

"The Sixth Principle, Kuumba (Creativity), uplifts and promotes the practice of the ancient African ethical principle of serudj ta, the moral obligation to repair, renew and remake the world, making...

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December 30,2020

Kwanzaa 2020 Day 5 Nia (Purpose)

"The Fifth Principle, Nia (Purpose), teaches us the collective vocation of constantly building and developing the capacity of our people to be ourselves and free ourselves to pursue an expansive...

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December 29,2020

Kwanzaa 2020 Day 4 Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)

"The Fourth Principle, Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics), lifts up and promotes the values of shared work and shared wealth; the right of all people to a decent and dignity-affirming life, and...

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