September 20,2020

David’s (1966) and Subodh’s (1966) Submissions For “The 1960s Project”...

Last week was Week 2 of “The 1960s Project.” In this project, we’re compiling reflections from those who attended high school in the 1960s. Some will have started in the late 1950s...

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September 16,2020

An Immigrant from India

SUBODH MATHUR Class of 1966 Looking back, life in India was entirely physically and socially different from my life in the United States. However, adapting to life in the US...

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September 15,2020

New Beginnings: My Black Cultural Awakening

DAVID LANGClass of 1966Before I arrived on Howard University’s campus in fall 1966, “black” wasn’t part of my lexicon. I was “colored” or “Negro.” In my eyes, as well as...

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September 13,2020

Gordon’s (1965) and Okella’s (1962) Submissions Launch “The 1960s Project”

What a successful “launch week” of “The 1960’s Project.” In this project, we’re compiling reflections of those who attended high school in the 1960s. Some will have started in the...

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September 9,2020

Race, Identity & Fairness: Tensions In The Quest for Social...

OKELLA PAIGE TRICEClass of 1962Looking back, Germantown, the neighborhood and high school conjure up pleasant and unpleasant memories. Growing up in those places and spaces, I had to confront the...

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September 7,2020

Cooking With Dehydration!

Several years ago, I tried my hand at some of the recipes in this book, The Art of Raw Living Food. About a month ago, I picked the book back...

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September 7,2020

Race, Gender & Ethnicity In Estimating Economic Damages

I want to tell you about one part of my recent work, which has the potential of eliminating the negative impact of discrimination in earnings in a narrowly focused area....

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September 6,2020

Rewards, Epiphanies & Recognitions: Mixing “Mystery” To Life and Living

GORDON BASICHISClass of 1965My life has been eventful. Eventful can reap its own rewards, but it can often inspire remarkable epiphanies as well as terrifying recognitions.  Such is life, and...

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August 4,2020

135 Days…147 Classes… & Counting

When I look back on my practice, I can delineate stages. Stage 1: I was adjusting to a virtual practice. I was getting accustomed to the technology and to practicing...

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July 30,2020

To My Surprise…A Delightful Class With Celine

On April 15, 2020, I took my first class with Celine. The next day, I posted:  In last night’s “Body Burn & Beats with Celine Berthaud.” I felt like the proverbial...

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