Meditation on Dread

Length: 27:11

Meditating on “Dread”
Meditations to navigate our ever-evolving “new normal.”

In this meditation session, we focus on “dread.” Yes. “Emotions” can be objects of meditation.

“Anticipation of worse case scenarios” often flood our body/minds. There’s the meditator’s claim that we can reduce the possibility of being overwhelmed by “dread” if we can disentangle all the components that comprise this genuine emotion.

This meditation runs for 30 minutes. Click on the link and listen to it, and afterward, share “your thoughts” with me. User-708015658 – 04-01-2020-meditating-on-dread-audio-only

According to meditators. when we can disentangle the components of “dread” and keep track of them, we experience that we are not that “dread.” We also realize that we are more than it. When we make “distinctions,” we get insights into who we indeed are.

After the meditation, we will have dread-filled emotions. We are human. But based on this reflection, there’s the possibility that “dread” will not distort our behavior and keep us from responding skillfully to dread-filled situations. We fact-check this claim of meditators.

Also, as we are “fact-checking that claim, keep in mind that meditation is just one tool in our kit to deal with difficult emotions. Always avail yourself to mental and physical health professionals and healers as well.

In my meditation workshops, I promote meditation as a gateway to knowledge, being & action. Meditation undergirds our ability to be resilient and to rebound.

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