Meditation on Thoughts & Thinking

Length: 29:00

In this meditation session, we focus on thought and thinking. I’m Jerome Paige, and I will be guiding you through a meditation on our positive, negative and neutral thoughts.

Today our body/minds are flooded with emotions. However, there’s the meditator’s claim that we can reduce the possibility of being overwhelmed by them if we can disentangle all the components of our thoughts and thinking. That is, if we “pay attention” to their arising, unfolding and subsiding and to their other qualities, we can unravel our thoughts, the objects of our thoughts, and our awareness of them. When we disentangle these components, we experience that while we have pleasant and disturbing thoughts, simultaneously, we are not them, and we are more than them. We see clearly these distinctions, and as a result, we get insights into who we truly are. We have disturbing thoughts, but we are no longer disturbed by them. Consequently, disturbing thoughts don’t disturb our behavior or us. This is the meditator’s claim. In this meditation, we fact-check this claim.

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