A day will come when you, too, must share your knowledge of things and people. As the singular witness of a happening uniquely revealed to you, in words as yet unknown, you will reveal to your brothers [and sisters] the ineffable wisdom on your heart.


– Irenee Guilane Dioh


My journeys into Ideas and practices I have experimented with in the past and am testing today.


The sense I make out of my past thinking and writings and their relationship to current events.


The questions I ponder and the insights I gain after I've treated "reality as an interesting hypothesis."


August 16,2022

North Portal Readers Selection: God’s Jury: The Inquisition and the Making of the Modern World

by Cullen MurphySeptember 28, 2012Host: Linda WilliamsAttendance: 13Reviewed August 11, 2022 Thanks to Linda for hosting our meeting. "Leisure World" has quickly become the desired spot to hold our discussion as...

July 16,2022

Meditation: A Mechanism for Improving Concentration and Focus

One definition of "meditation" focuses on "meditation" as a "training process" that fosters mental well-being and the development of specific mental capacities. From this perspective, meditation is a process that...


June 1,2021

“Conversations Across Generations”A Letter To My Grandchildren

HASSAN BILAL To My Grandchildren: Lamar, Isa, Nasir, Ali and Blessing: There’s an old saying: “Youth is wasted on the young.” This adage rings truer to me each day.  Unfortunately,...

February 23,2021

“Conversations Across Generations”Reflections on the Golden Decade of the 1960s

DR. ANTHONY BROWDER To my daughter Atlantis and all the young people who view me as a role model: I was born in 1951. As I approach my 70th year,...

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