A day will come when you, too, must share your knowledge of things and people. As the singular witness of a happening uniquely revealed to you, in words as yet unknown, you will reveal to your brothers [and sisters] the ineffable wisdom on your heart.


– Irenee Guilane Dioh


My journeys into Ideas and practices I have experimented with in the past and am testing today.


The sense I make out of my past thinking and writings and their relationship to current events.


The questions I ponder and the insights I gain after I've treated "reality as an interesting hypothesis."


August 16,2022

North Portal Readers Selection: God’s Jury: The Inquisition and the Making of the Modern World

by Cullen MurphySeptember 28, 2012Host: Linda WilliamsAttendance: 13Reviewed August 11, 2022 Thanks to Linda for hosting our meeting. "Leisure World" has quickly become the desired spot to hold our discussion as...

July 16,2022

Meditation: A Mechanism for Improving Concentration and Focus

One definition of "meditation" focuses on "meditation" as a "training process" that fosters mental well-being and the development of specific mental capacities. From this perspective, meditation is a process that...


June 2,2023

19 Years A Yogi: Written Reflection – January 2014

In my “sit” this morning, I went into a dream/reverie state. I was at my upcoming luncheon to note my 10 years of celebrating practicing Bikram Yoga. (Over the past...

May 25,2023

19 Years A Yogi: First Written Reflection – February 2004

Well.... I think Bikram Yoga is "it".... I've been going on M, W & F since Wednesday 2/6 at 6:30 am. After the 90 minute session, I have such a...

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