June 17,2022

On Dissipating Discomfort With Being

Once upon a time, people were very comfortable with understanding who they were, as defined by their bodies and minds (thoughts). Every day, they reinforced their views through their language...

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May 11,2022

On Time: Experiencing Time, Timelessness, And Timeless Time

Once upon a time, people were constantly worrying about what was going to happen tomorrow. The decisions they had made and the actions they had taken yesterday weighed them down....

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August 19,2021

Virtual Training-001

I'm working my gluts, quads, hips, hamstrings, core, abs, and shoulders.Click here to check me out.  Cornell-3 480Part of Tuesday morning virtual training session with Cornell. I've been grooving on my...

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August 13,2021

A Walk In The Park 08-13-2021

Although it was the hottest part of the day, I felt the urge to take a walk in the park.   I downloaded Marilyn Robinson's novel "Jake." It's the fourth novel...

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August 13,2021

Estate Planning Signing-001

Break the Inter-Generational Curse. Build Inter-Generational Wealth. Recently, we recently took another step toward achieving both of these goals. We executed a "living " or "revocable" trust. This will allow...

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August 11,2021

Back Riding The Bus

Today,  I took my first Metro Bus ride since February 2020. The 79.For those of us in DC, we call that the Georgia Avenue route.Each city bus route has its...

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June 1,2021

“Conversations Across Generations”A Letter To My Grandchildren

HASSAN BILAL To My Grandchildren: Lamar, Isa, Nasir, Ali and Blessing: There’s an old saying: “Youth is wasted on the young.” This adage rings truer to me each day.  Unfortunately,...

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April 27,2021

Future Scenario Planning – Automatization & Future Job Prospects

JAMES E. PAIGE, JR. High School Class of 1963 Even people involved in direct services such as bus drivers, waitstaff, teachers, case managers, and cashiers will not escape automation. Dateline ...

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April 11,2021

Future Scenario Planning – Educating the “Whole Individual”

OKELLA PAIGE TRICE High School Class of 1962 https://youtu.be/CoFU7JiA_iI Okella Trice shares her future scenario planning centered on an education system that teaches the "whole individual". "Along with my junior...

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March 23,2021

“HerStories of the 1960s”The Pull of The World – The...

ESTHER MACKINTOSH High School Class of 1965 In June 2021, I will become the board chair of Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa. I graduated from Morningside in 1969. Attending...

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