Sat-Chit-Ananda: Truth-Awareness-Joy

“Remember that each note offers a path to deeper understanding and ultimate joy.
– The Meditativist 

I’ve probably been listening to Alice Coltrane’s album Journey into Satchidananda since its release in 1971. 

Because of Swami Satchidananda’s significance in Coltrane’s life, I assumed they named the album after him. Why? Because of him, Coltrane delved into Vedanta and learned about meditation and yoga.

While researching for our Spiritual Jazz Listening and Meditation Jam Session on April 17, 2024, I discovered that the album and tune had another meaning.

Sat represents truth, being, or existence. It refers to the ultimate reality that is unchanging and eternal and is the foundational essence of everything in the universe.

Chit signifies consciousness or awareness. It encompasses universal knowledge or understanding that perceives existence and experiences reality.  

Ananda translates to bliss, joy, or beatitude. It describes the ultimate happiness that arises from experiencing the true nature of reality, free from the dualities of the material world.

Together, these elements form “Satchidananda,” a state of being where one realizes one’s true nature as part of the ultimate reality, leading to an experience of eternal bliss and boundless consciousness.

Our Jam Session gave us a “taste” or “glimpse” of this.

We invite you to join us on May 15, 2024, to explore Gary Bartz and his 1969 album “Universe.” Together, we’ll experiment with making liberation and freedom a tangible reality through the boundless realm of spiritual jazz. We’ll experiment with Making Liberation and Freedom Happen in Music, Meditation Movement, and Life. 

In the rhythm of awareness, joy dances freely—The Meditatvist.

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