June 11,2024

Echoes of Liberation: Gary Bartz’s Spiritual Jazz Legacy

Music invites us to hear the past and respond in the present to create a new future -The Meditativist Gary...

June 11,2024

RECAP: The Sound of Revolution – Gary Bartz NTU Troop

If you didn’t attend our May 15, 2024, “Spiritual Jazz and Meditation Jam Session,”  you missed an experience that wove...

April 23,2024

Sat-Chit-Ananda: Truth-Awareness-Joy

"Remember that each note offers a path to deeper understanding and ultimate joy." - The Meditativist I've probably been listening to...

April 23,2024

Deep Insights Through Alice Coltrane’s Spiritual Jazz

In the resonance of spiritual jazz,  every moment is an opportunity to reconnect, listen deeply, and cultivate a tranquil mind...

April 2,2024

June Tyson: This Song Is Enlightenment

Dear Attendees, Thank you for participating in my March Spiritual Jazz and Meditation Jam Session. We explored June Tyson’s lyrics...

March 28,2024

June Tyson: Enlightenment As Exploration, Experience, and Expression

Meditation reveals the orchestra within us where every thought, note, breath, and beat comprise the composition of our enlightenment. –...

March 12,2024

The Sound of Enlightenment: Celebrating June Tyson

Celebrate Women's History Month in a unique Spiritual Jazz and Meditation Jam Session– "Exploring Enlightenment with June Tyson." Immerse yourself...

February 27,2024

Revelation: Illusion, Authenticity, and Awareness

The “Meditativist says:  In recognizing and integrating our multifaceted selves, we find true liberation and the capacity to contribute meaningfully...

February 15,2024

A Thing That Is Not Real

"Real strength lies not in holding onto illusions, but in letting them go to grasp the reality that lies beyond.” ...

January 11,2024

The Creator Has a Master Plan

"The quest for freedom is a melody that resonates through time, inviting us to join hands to make it happen.”...

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