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What do you do? 
What are you thinking about?
What are you reading?
Where have you been?
Where are you going?
What was “that” like?

I get these questions frequently.


For those “inquiring minds,” now you’ll know if you explore my site. I will be adding to and expanding this site as a way to share “what’s on my mind.”


But more than satisfying “curious minds,” hopefully my ideas juxtaposed against my inquirers’ and yours will help us all visualize new possibilities and strive together to realize a better day.


There’s an adage that all we have is this moment.


This is profoundly important because the present moment is a “three-in-one” moment.


Using a gardening metaphor, in the present moment, we enjoy what we have planted in the past. Also, in the present, we get to plant new seeds for our next harvest. Consequently, the present contains the past, present and future.


This is the power of now, and since we are evolutionary beings living in an ever-expanding universe, there will always be a “new” moment, and that “then-new present moment,” like the “now-present one” gives us the opportunity to choose and to act. And, we get to do this over and over again.


On my site, “What’s On Jerome’s Mind? (WOJM)” you’ll find out how my thoughts and actions represent a continuously unfolding past, present and future. I’ll be sharing an array of issues I’ve explored and practices I’ve engaged in. Out of my “eclecticism” unfolds some overarching themes: (i) clarifying issues, ideas, and information (sensemaking); (ii) providing convincing evidence; (iii) making critical decisions; and creating and implementing workable solutions.



I look forward to your comments and suggestions about “What’s on My Mind” so we can co-create our yesterdays, todays and tomorrows.

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