In the Summer of 1965, I had graduated from Germantown High School in Philadelphia, PA, and was on my way to Howard University in Washington, DC. Except for a brief period, I’ve lived in DC since then. The history of the past 55 years of my High School Class of ’65 has been a tumultuous one — socially, politically, emotionally, and economically. This period launched me and others into adulthood and the years since.

What do you remember, reflect on, think about?

Where have you been?

Where are you now?

Where are you headed?

In 1960 when students started entering high school, there was no way for them to know the amount and pace of change they would experience then till now.  


Some would go off to college, others would be drafted into the military while others would go into various directions. 


Today our lives have unfolded in many ways. We have had families, traveled the world, and pursued careers.  We have had extreme highs and tremendous lows.  We have seen a lot and are now the generation responsible for guiding today’s adults and youth into the next generation.


As I was reflecting on the years 1960-1969, I decided to invite those who attended high school in the 1960s to share their thoughts. I was in high school from 1962-1965. 


Join The 1960’s Project. In this Project students, who were in high school from 1960-1969, will be sharing their reflections on where they’ve been and are headed. We’ll be sharing our remembrances, reflections, and insights.  


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