Meditation reveals the orchestra within us where every thought, note, breath, and beat comprise the composition of our enlightenment. – The Meditativist

I’m grateful to all who joined our March 2024 session exploring June Tyson’s “Enlightenment” with the Sun Ra Arkestra, reflecting my journey through Spiritual Jazz and themes of enlightenment.  We examined the contents of our consciousness created by meditating on the lyrics sung by The Saturnian Queen. She expresses enlightenment as joy, thought, and cosmic truth. 

Multiple approaches to meditation exist. Quieting the mind is a common goal. It refers to reducing the constant chatter of thoughts, worries, and distractions. Rather than embracing stillness, the meditation technique we are cultivating observes the orchestra of thoughts, breath, and beats in our consciousness, the process of observing them, and the observer.  Enlightenment is maintaining this “moment-by-moment awareness” and gaining insight into reality’s fundamental nature.

Our investigation revealed that Spiritual Jazz echoes the profound spiritual insights of  Wisdom Masters. I’m glad I discovered this. Spiritual Jazz artists are Wisdom Bearers and Shares.

Get ready to immerse yourself in Alice Coltrane’s transcendent sounds during our next session on Wednesday, April 17, 2024. Join us as we continue to embody the Spirit of 76 by making liberation and freedom happen in music, meditation, movement, and life.