Meditation on Sankalpa

Length: 13:52

In my meditation workshops, I promote meditation as a gateway to knowledge, being & action. Meditation undergirds our ability to be resilient and to able to rebound…. The basic meditation instruction is to focus on an object. For example, our breath. When the mind wanders, we bring it back to the breath. This is the meditation. We do this over and over again for the time we allot to meditate. As we engage in this process, we begin to get an insight into where body sensations come from and where they go. We get an insight as to how they arise out of and return to our True Nature. In this meditation, our “object of meditation” is on “getting ready for a meditation.” We cover getting into a comfortable position, locating our “inner resource,” setting our intention, offering our heartfelt prayer, and practicing with intention, but without expectations…. As a result, you will have a meditation you can undertake throughout the day. You can periodically stop and tap into your inner resource, review your intentions, offer a heartfelt prayer, live with intention, but without expectations, and be with whatever arises, unfolds and passes away.

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