75 Days… 85 Classes… Yoga, Pilates & DRIP’T

June 5, 2020…. 85 classes in 75 days…. This is a “personal best.”…. In the Summer 2013, I completed 71 classes in 75 Days. Back then, I had fallen off my bike and fractured my left elbow and ring finger. My goal was to practice every day until I “healed.” It was during that period Ambiya Binta and I bonded at Takoma. At that time Stephen Pleasant was the studio owner…. It took me 75 days to heal. My “practice” was my “physical therapy.” “Locust Pose” was quite painful at first, but as the days passed, the pain dissipated. “Healing Happened.”…. I reached today’s goal after committing to a daily practice and experimenting with offerings while I have been sheltering in place…. My current challenge is to overcome some lingering fears and doubts associated with my Summer 2018 knee injuries…. More on that in a future post.

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