Questions I get: 

What is Organizational Development?
Why is it important?

What approaches do you take?

what are some lessons learned or
best practices gleaned?

“Organizational Development” (OD) suggests a process of “maturation” that organizations go through. It points to an organization passing through “stages,” which get defined by the challenges they face and the ways they address those challenges.


In this section, we’ll be sharing lessons learned from having helped organizations address challenges.

For example, one major challenge organizations face is “change.”


What we have learned is that a mature organization clarifies it purpose and shares it widely shared among employees, and when trust and personal responsibility are enhanced among employees, the organization is in a very good place to be able to continuously and successfully adapt to and to shape an ever-changing environment where “normal” is always “new.”  


Purpose, Trust and Personal Responsibility hold an organization together. They enhance its performance in the organization’s ever-changing environment. Consequently, when an organization clarifies its purpose, when employees experience wide-spread trust among each other, and when the organization attracts and retains employees who are personally responsible, organizational leaders and employees can reduce internal organizational friction.


As we share our journeys into organizations, we’ll be highlighting  “lessons learned” from helping leaders, managers and employees (i) “make sense” of their internal and external environments; (ii) develop communication skills (the skills of giving and receiving feedback); and (iii) redesign processes.


One key lesson learned is that with low levels of internal friction, it’s easier for the organization to adapt to an ever-present “new normal.”


Our practice extends to the “gig worker” and “self-employed,” as well. We offer guidelines for coping in our  “post-world” —  post-job; post-retirement; post-Institutional, post-economic security, post-equitable. We highlight that out of the old, Phoenix-like, the new will arise.

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