Mindfulness Theories & Practices #3: The Power Of Now

Indeed, there is “power” in “now.” At some point during a meditation session, I get to experience directly, “The Power in Now.” When I’m in The Present Moment, I’m aware of my life’s exigencies, but, momentarily, and oh so briefly, I’m unaffected by them, in the sense that I am able “to detach” from them. Consequently, in The Now, I can touch and abide in a deep and ever-lasting peace. Also, when I’m in “The Present Moment,” I get the insight that this Now is really three moments in one. It is a moment where I’m able (i) to reap what I’ve sown; (ii) to be with and radically accept my harvest; and (iii) to plant seeds my bounty tomorrow. That is, I get a chance to “burn away” the results of my past behavior; to abide in a “timeless” time; and to be the change I want to see in the future. “The Power in Now” comes from me being able to address my past; to be fully in the present; and to choose my future. The Now is “powered by” my “Freedom To Be.”

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