Once upon a time people were always worrying about what was going to happen tomorrow, and were always being weighed down by the decisions they had made and the actions they had taken yesterday. Every day, they were less and less able to enjoy fully what was happening right in front of them. They were unable to live fully and freely “in the moment.” One day, overloaded, frustrated and exasperated, “time stood still” for them. Because of that, they were momentarily able to step outside of their “prison,” and they got a glimpse of “freedom.” Because of that, they began to explore more and more how to attain moments where they experienced their new-found “sense of freedom.” Until finally, they realized that abiding in the present moment releases them from worry and anticipation; frees them from the burdens of their past; and provides them with the opportunity to sow the seeds for a stress-free future. After which, they experienced both “time” and “timelessness,” and they also experienced a “timeless time,” where there could abide in an endless of unfolding of their True Self, unencumbered by the exegeses of daily life.