12 Years a Yogi: During the first week of February 2004, I officially started practicing a form of Hatha Yoga,  known as “Bikram Yoga.” During my 12 years of practice, among many, many insights, I’ve come to experience how my physical body is a gateway to my subtle and causal bodies. Also, I’ve been able to “experientially fact check” several key “yogic claims” based on engaging in a regular practice: my “whole nervous system does get revitalized time and time again;” my body does enjoy “health and more energy,” even during times when I’m sick and/or injured, and even as I deal with all “the joys of aging;” my mind does constantly get rested and freed “from the burdens of past experience;” my body/mind does enter into stillness, and I do abide from to time in a “peace that passeth all understanding;” my perception does get “restored to its primal freshness;” and my thoughts and action do tend towards greater authenticity and coherency. After 12 years of practice, I approach this form of Hatha Yoga as an exercise, health and fitness routine; as a therapeutic modality; as a meditative and spiritual activity; and as a source of empowerment to live more fully “off the yoga mat” and “outside of the hot yoga studio.” And, I’m looking forward to at least 12 more years of practice.

This post’s date is February 7, 2016. I started practicing in February, 2014.