Mindfulness Theories & Practices #12: Microscope, Telescope & Oscilloscope

Microscope. Telescope. Oscilloscope. Shenzhen Young (http://www.shinzen.org/) uses these scientific investigation tools as metaphors to explain how we use our minds in a mindfulness meditation session. Microscope: We use our minds to examine the nature of reality in finer and finer detail. We unravel the complex nature of “reality.” Telescope: We use our minds to examine “reality” in broader and wider contexts. We investigate an ever-widening and expanding Universe of Being. Oscilloscope: We use our minds to slow down the rate at which “reality” unfolds so we can watch it develop step-by-step. We explore “reality” within and outside of “time.”.… Thus, in a mindfulness meditation session, we use our minds to examine the nature of space, time and matter, and how they arise and unfold as part of our being.

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