Our “Triple Gems”


We need someone or something to believe in, someone who makes it all seem so possible. They were able to do it; therefore, so too can I…. It was able to be done, so I can. We need a body of writings/ideas/thoughts that provides a framework and structure we can follow, a set of concepts, practices, and guides that resonate with us and provides up solace. We need to be part of a community that guides, supports, and nourishes us.


Someone to believe in

Something to believe in

A community that supports our beliefs….


This is our “Triple Gem.”

This is our guide book.

This is our map.


However, remember: No matter how good a map is, it is not the territory. So we have to be careful not to confuse the model with the real thing.


Also, we have to be ready to toss the guide book if it doesn’t help us see and experience our True Nature and the nature of the Universe directly.


Our Triple Gem is like a “finger pointing away to the moon.” And as Bruce Lee notes, if we concentrate on the map (on the finger) too long, “we will miss that heavenly glory.”

A role model, a set of ideas, a support group…..Regardless of our spiritual tradition or practice, we should keep polishing our Triple Gem while avoiding getting blinded by its glow.