Mindfulness Theories & Practices #20: Two Freedoms–Detachment & Engagement

On the one hand, freedom is an act of liberation from, abiding in, or transcending.

This is a freedom of detachment from the exigencies of our existence.

In this freedom, we are not perturbed; we abide in an ever-lasting peacefulness.

Our happiness is independent of conditions.


On the other hand, freedom is an act of engagement.

This is a freedom of creating new circumstances.

In this freedom, we release our ever-unfolding present from the grips of its always-receding past; we sow the seeds for new harvests.

Our happiness is dependent on bringing into existence new conditions.


Two freedoms… different sides of the same coin.

Two hands constantly flipping and embracing each side of the coin.

True Freedom … a dyadic unfolding of both sides of the coin:

detachment from existence/bringing into existence


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