Mindfulness Theories & Practices #21: Kendrick Lamar

Untitled 3 (Grammy Performance)

Kendrick Lamar


“Untitled,” yet designated by a number.

“Untitled,” yet identified by an occasion.

“Untitled,” yet attached to a performer’s name.


This “untitled performance” — This “evocation”


Reminds me of one the saddest sights I see on the streets of Baltimore: Black boys and men — in chains — shuffling out a van and into the courthouse.


Calls us to break the chains of slavery, Jim Crowism, racial segregation, economic & social redlining, and incarceration.


Charges us to reclaim our past that existed before we were enslaved and became strangers in this strange land, and to use our ancestral values to redefine who we are and our place in America and in our global and cosmopolitan world.


Demands us to create “performances,” not only on TV, but in our communities. Performances that heal, internally organize, rebuild and sustain us all.

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