Mindfulness Theories & Practices #24: Stillness Matters

Stillness Matters. As we bring our mind/body into stillness, we are able (i) to release tensions and struggle, allowing us to abide in a Vast Openness. Relaxation happens; (ii) to accept “revelations” — insights appear; (iii) to witness the unfolding and coming into being self, matter and the Universe.  We observe creation; and (iv) to access the ever-unfolding and expansion nature of being — We experience our True Nature. In stillness, we get the insight that there is “something” beyond our three states of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. That there is always an “N+1 state” that is coming into being. So, no matter what state we access, our exploration never ceases. “Stillness” is our gateway to endless discovery (investigation) of our mind/body and beyond.

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