Doing, Gaining Insight & Being In A Yoga Nidra Meditation

A Yoga Nidra Meditation can be a very busy meditation. We provide meditators a “to-do list.”

  • Note Objects of Awareness
  • Rotate Consciousness Around an Object
  • Sense an Object as an Object without Thought
  • Breathe Into an Object
  • Work With an Object’s Opposite
  • Locate an Object’s Center/Periphery
  • Watch an Object Arise, Unfold and Dissolve in Awareness
  • Drop the attachment (attraction or version) to an object in that “I-am” as in “I am restless” and dissolve into our True Nature
  • Abide in Awareness


You can use one or more of these techniques to work with whatever arises in a Yoga Nidra session. In applying one or more of these techniques, you get a chance to get an insight into some of the characteristics of “reality.”


  1. Objects are not fixed and stable. Everything is in constant flux.
  2. Objects don’t have any independent existence. When we really investigate them they are ephemeral.
  3. Objects and Awareness of objects arise simultaneously
  4. When we treat objects that are not fixed and stable as if they were, then tension arises in the body/mind. And likewise, if we treat objects as not fixed and not stable, tensions subside.
  5. When we treat our sense of a self as fixed and stable, tensions in the body/mind arise, and when we treat our sense of self as not fixed and not stable tensions in the body/mind subside.


We get these insights experientially. They no longer are concepts. We can get a direct experience of this nature of reality.  As we get deeper and deeper insights into our nature of reality, we get more and more comfortable with “just being” and abiding in our Awareness that is Witnessing how we treat and relate to objects in our Awareness.


We use “dualities” to break down “dualities” and abide in “non-duality.


Keep in mind that Abiding in Awareness is a “state” and as such it is available to us at any time. We don’t need a practice.  It’s a natural birth right. We don’t need a mediation or any other type of practice to access it.


What a practice like Yoga Nidra does is provide framework to access and sustain access so that the experience can move from being an ad hoc one to one that is available at will.  


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