Whole Body Cryotherapy: Reflections On My 8/12/18 Session

Cryo Tales #5: Sunday, August 12, 2018. My 4th Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) session at
BikramYogaWorks—Riverdale — in a chamber for three (3) minutes; the temperature drops to
minus 237 degrees. Each time, the session is less intimidating.

My response to today’s session is pretty much the same as others. Almost counter-intuitively, I
felt like my face and head, mainly my forehead, heated up. My body temperature
measured along my left thigh was around 50 degrees; along my forehead, about 90 degrees.
Immediately afterward, I experience a deep sense of relaxation – a “lightness of being.”
Back home, I “sat” for several minutes, during which my neck, face, and head released a lot of
“tension,” and I became more relaxed than immediately after the session.

I’m having a hard time coming up with words to describe how my quads and calves feel.
Heavy…Tight… Packed…. Thick…. Achy…. Vibratory… For example, I didn’t think I was going to
be able to do Hot Pilates the morning after my third session, but by the time the warm-up portion was over, I was fine. We’ll see what happens in class tomorrow morning.

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