What Mix Of DiSC Styles Would You Like On A Jury?

DiSC® provides lawyers quick guides to understand what drives jurors by observing their behaviors. A juror’s observable behavior is what they do and how they do it; what they say and how they say it; what they write and how they write it; and what they express and how they express it.

Lawyers can discern the tone of voice, word selection, the pace of speaking and responding to questions, facial expressions, and gestures; and orientation toward being logic- or people-focused.

DiSC classifies observable behavior into four types – Dominant (D), Influence (i), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C).

What mix of DiSC® types would you like to have on your jury? What combinations of the following types would you like deliberating your case?

  • Action-oriented, fast-paced, and logic-focused
  • Collaborative, fast-paced, and people-focused
  • Systematic, moderate-paced, and people-focused
  • Factual, moderate-paced, and logic-focus

Each juror is a combination of the four types, yet they have a proclivity toward one. No one type is better, or worse than another. Some styles value getting the big picture; some, working in groups; some, interpersonal relationships; and some, facts and details. Some are reticent, while others are engaging. 

These values and behaviors reflect how jurors process information during a trial and how they deliberate in the jury room. Jurors’ styles ultimately shape how lawyers present their cases.

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