135 Days…147 Classes… & Counting

When I look back on my practice, I can delineate stages. 

Stage 1: I was adjusting to a virtual practice. I was getting accustomed to the technology and to practicing at home consistently. Both the Studio and I were having “learning and growing pains.” For the first few classes, I didn’t turn my camera on. The camera reminded me of my first Bikram classes where I couldn’t look in the mirror. Ugh!!!

Stage 2: I became increasingly comfortable with my at-home virtual practice. I turned the camera on. I started experimenting with other types of classes. Given my other activities, I settled on taking the first class of the day. Whatever was offered, I would take. Even before the COVID-19 crises, I struggled with Hot Pilates, and throughout my virtual practice, my struggling continues. Also, in this Stage, I had a lot of “gut” and “mind” issues to work through. 

Stage 3: I started practicing, “like someone is watching.” I started using my “screen image” as my “mirror.” Zoom has a feature where I can see only my image. I could watch me practice while others were watching me practice.  In this phase, I started paying attention to the details of each of the yoga poses. Yes. I stand accused. I “over-analyze.”  As part of my “over-analyzing,” I’ve had had several breakthroughs—my understanding and execution of the poses in yoga and my movements in Hot Pilates and DRIP’T have expanded.   In particular, as I was “over-analyzing” the “Hands-to-Feet Pose,” that pose began “to make sense.”  I carried my breakthroughs into other poses.

Stage 4: I began to experience my body/mind differently in my practice. I realized an overall sense of well-being had begun to engulf me. I had hints of this in the previous stages, but it had become more than a “hint.” Well-being, confidence, strength, flexibility, and concentration and focus have all increased. Deep in my heart, I know I can “master” the yoga and other classes. Of particular note, I’ve begun to explore in greater detail “Standing-Head-To-Knee Pose.” I call this pose my “retirement pose,” I’m finished with Bikram when “I get” this pose. However, there’s lots of stuff I have to work through. There’s also stuff I have to get out.  Don’t expect a full expression of “Standing-Head-To-Knee” anytime soon. I’ll be around a while.

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