Where Was I?

I was in the Whole Foods parking lot in Downtown Silver Spring when off in the distance I heard horns honking. I knew then that the networks had declared Biden the winner. A smile formed on my face. I checked my phone and Cynthia had sent me a text letting me know.

Where were you?


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  • Susie Paige Posted 3 hours ago

    At Home with TV off. Faye called me.

  • Barbara paige Posted 6 hours ago

    I was in a bike shop in houston when I Received a news Alert on my phone. Assuming that other phones were Receiving Notifications, I looked Around the store for reactions. There were none. Could have been the singular focus the cyclists Often display (likely). Could have been that i was the only person With phone alerts (unlikely). Didn’t matter. I Quietly danced to the Beatles song, Come together, playing on the sound system.

  • Vincenteen Miller Paige Posted 10 mins ago

    I don’t Remember! i just held an “Attitude of Gratitude” knowing it was coming.


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