Kwanzaa 2020 Day 4 Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)

“The Fourth Principle, Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics), lifts up and promotes the values of shared work and shared wealth; the right of all people to a decent and dignity-affirming life, and thus the right of all people to a just and equitable share of the common goods of the world. Indeed, as Wangari Maathai taught, “We must now rethink our relationship with the living world, (and) the way we manage resources.” And we must resolutely and continuously resist mindless consumerism and the plunder, pollution and depletion of the world by corporations and countries who ride roughshod over the earth and the vulnerable peoples in it.”

Excerpt from the Annual Founder’s Kwanzaa Message December 2020. Click here.

Design by Fredericks Asantes  Fredericks lives in Ghana. I met him in August 2019 on our trip there.


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