Kwanzaa 2020 Day 5 Nia (Purpose)

“The Fifth Principle, Nia (Purpose), teaches us the collective vocation of constantly building and developing the capacity of our people to be ourselves and free ourselves to pursue an expansive good and come into the fullness of ourselves. And it reaffirms the interrelatedness of the pursuit of African and human good and the well-being of the world. For it remembers and reaffirms the sacred teachings of our ancestors in the Husia, that the good we do for others and the world we are also doing for ourselves. For we are building the moral community and good world we all want and deserve to live in.”

Excerpt from the Annual Founder’s Kwanzaa Message December 2020. Click here.

Design by Fredericks Asantes  Fredericks lives in Ghana. I met him in August 2019 on our trip there.


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