Kwanzaa 2020 Day 7 IMANI (FAITH)

“THE SEVENTH PRINCIPLE, IMANI (FAITH), teaches us to believe in the good and our capacity to achieve it, share it, and leave it as a worthy legacy for those who come afterward. Let us have faith, then, in the sacred teachings of our ancestors which say to us across millennia: “Let’s do things with joy for surely humans have been divinely chosen to bring good in the world” and this is the fundamental mission and meaning of human life. Thus, chosen by history and heaven to constantly strive to bring good in the world, we must audaciously and ceaselessly dare to do so. So, let’s continue the struggle. Keep the faith. Hold the line. Love and respect our people and each other. Seek and speak truth. Do and demand justice. Be constantly concerned with the well-being of the world and all in it. And dare help rebuild the overarching movement that pre-figures and makes possible the good world we all want and deserve to live in and leave as a legacy worthy of the name and history African.”


Excerpt from the Annual Founder’s Kwanzaa Message December 2020. Click here.

Design by Fredericks Asantes  Fredericks lives in Ghana. I met him in August 2019 on our trip there.


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  • Martha Peterson Posted 3 hours ago

    Habari Gani Jerome,

    Thank you for sharing valuable information about the Kwanzaa Principles. I’ve been celebrating Kwanzaa since its inception, passing it on to my son and often to my grandchildren. However, I’v become discourged at times because I don’t see the unity and well being among Blacks that Kwanzaa espouses. It seems that too many of us celebrate Kwanzaa for the week allotted and then forget all about it until the next one. I applaud those who organize Kwanzaa activities but I with that more of us would make sure that its principles are followed througout the year..

    • Jerome Paige Posted 1 hour ago

      Over the past few years, among my friends, family and colleagues interest has been renewed in the Principles of Kwanzaa and similar principles. It’s important “To keep the Faith.” For me, despair is not an option. Happy New Year!


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