“HerStories of the 1960s”
The Ladies of Lincoln University – Kathy Marshall

High School Class of 1967
College Class of 1971

After retirement, I’ve continued giving back and paying forward, developing personally, and traveling. And true to my Lincoln University experience, I’m having FUN!

My name is Kathy Marshall. I’m a retired educator and avid traveler.

Looking back, what has been significant to me? Three things come to mind: supporting my family and friends, encouraging and educating my students, caring about and extending a “helping hand” to those in need of assistance. Fundamentally, what I’ve done in my life is to share my acquired knowledge to assist others in pursuing their life goals. Why? Because through my professional and personal work, I was enhancing the larger good of society.

I grew up in Berwyn, PA, in a large, bustling household, the youngest of seven children.

My early years centered around family gatherings and church activities, school, Brownies, and Girl Scouts. In elementary school, my childhood friend and I were the only African-American children in our class.

Berwyn, a suburb of Philadelphia, is part of the “Main Line,” which has a history/identity of predominantly white residents who were well-off economically and politically.

However, in most towns along the Main Line, a community of African-American families exists. These families had a more meager economic standing. Their connections were primarily through church events.

Family and church were my foundation. I had attained an excellent education, and because of my family and my involvement in church, I had a healthy and robust sense of belonging, value, and self.

After high school graduation, I attended Lincoln University, PA. At Lincoln, I began an education that prepared me for a productive, fulfilling career. Lincoln University, the FIRST HBCU (Historically Black College and University), was integral to my personal and professional success. Thank you, Lincoln.

 My “Lincoln Friends” constitute my circle of life-long friends. Today they comprise the tapestry of “family.”

The Lincoln experience allowed me to learn and explore and prepared me to meet the challenges I had to overcome to grow personally and professionally. The experience was a treasure. I’m forever grateful.

Based on my Lincoln and subsequent experiences, I’ve continued giving back and paying forward after retirement. I support a college preparatory program for teenage girls. Also, I’ve continued my personal development. I take enrichment classes. I travel. And true my Lincoln experience, I’ve continued having FUN!

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