Back Riding The Bus

Today,  I took my first Metro Bus ride since February 2020. The 79.

For those of us in DC, we call that the Georgia Avenue route.

Each city bus route has its special character.

I use two bus routes in addition to Metro Rail. The other bus route I use frequently is the 16th Street route (the S buses).

The Georgia Ave bus hasn’t lost its “character.”

Sadly, there was a young man “talking out of his head.”  Making lots of sense and non-sense, simultaneously. He said he was 42.

We found out that he left home at age 10 to live on the streets. That he’s self-educated.

Has been incarcerated and because of his incarceration, he’s widely read.

He challenged everyone on the bus to debate him on the slave-holding patterns of George Washington.

He pontificated on gentrification and his disdain for the “new people.”

After he got to his stop, the silence he had punctuated, returned.


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