“The quest for freedom is a melody that resonates through time,

inviting us to join hands to make it happen.”

– The Meditativist

Summary: Our second Spiritual Jazz session delved into Pharoah Sanders’ “The Creator Has A Master Plan,” combining mindfulness meditation with exploring the track’s rich cultural artistry. The session’s focus on Sander’s iconic song highlighted its themes of peace, love, and unity against the backdrop of its origins in the ’60s and ’70s—a time of significant change and expression of freedom. Through meditation, we embraced the song’s power to unify and inspire personal discovery and collective enlightenment. Join us next time for more exploration of liberation, freedom, and connection through spiritual jazz.

On January 10, 2024, we held our second Spiritual Jazz session. Before diving into  Pharoah Sanders’ album, “The Creator Has A Master Plan,” we practiced “mindfulness meditation” to explore the cover art and music.

By exploring the artwork, we could see the cultural influences – Eastern, African, and African American — on Sander’s music, from fonts to the dashiki to the Afro hairstyle to the ambient colors to Sanders’s meditation pose and the position of his hand expressing Mudras.

The album’s title song is more than tunes and beats—about peace, love, and feeling connected to everything. It’s from Sander’s album “Karma,” which shows how music can be deep and spiritual, like a peaceful quest for your inner self.

Sander’s “The Creator Has a Master Plan” isn’t just for listening; it’s for thinking about things, like how you’re feeling and what’s happening when you hear it. The song helps you meditate, and we did that together.

We discussed how this kind of jazz started in the ’60s and ’70s when things were changing and how artists used music to share their dreams of freedom and better times.

This music still helps people look inside themselves and figure out their place in the world and how to make liberation and freedom happen today. Our session was about these ideas and how we’re all part of something more significant when we listen to Sanders’ music together. The music pulls us together and helps us understand each other better.

This second session was unique because it felt like we were all joining in something that Sanders and other great musicians started.

“The Creator Has A Master Plan” was right at the heart of our session, showing us how spiritual jazz can lift and bring us together.

We used the music to help us meditate and get in touch with our deepest thoughts and feelings.

As we keep exploring spiritual jazz, we learn more about ourselves and feel more connected to the world.

The music’s power to bring us together and help us grow doesn’t seem to have any limits—it’s like a bright thread weaving through all of us.

Join us for our third Spiritual Jazz and Meditation Jam Session, where, through music and meditation, we explore how to make liberation and freedom happen in music, meditation, movement, and life. We’ll focus on Doug and Jean Carn’s “Revelation.”

Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Time: 7 pm EST

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