“Real strength lies not in holding onto illusions, but in letting them go to grasp the reality that lies beyond.”  – The Meditativist

Summary: Doug and Jean Carn’s “Revelation,” a Spiritual Jazz piece, encapsulates a journey from “the not real to the real.” The lyrics invite listeners to shed false beliefs, embrace authenticity, and experience transformation. This music inspires self-discovery, leading to a profound understanding and a liberated existence. “Revelation” is the topic of our Spiritual Jazz and Meditation Jam Session on February 21, 2024. 

Doug and Jean Carn’s song “Revelation” is the heart of our WOJM-SM’s “Spiritual Jazz and Meditation Jam Session on February 21, 2024. 

Our sessions focus on discovering how to make freedom and liberation a reality through music, movement, meditation, and life.

Spiritual Jazz isn’t just music; it’s a powerful way that reaches our hearts and deepest selves beyond our hearing. It’s about connecting deeply with ourselves, others, and the bigger picture of the universe. 

Spiritual Jazz provides a guide for imagining a life where we’re truly free and taking steps to make that dream come true.

Let’s look at the first lines from the Carns’ “Revelation”:

I had a thought that I could change

A thing that was not real

Think about spending your time and energy on something that’s not there—like chasing a rainbow, thinking you’ll find a pot of gold.

But then you hit a moment of “revelation.” 

Suddenly, what you thought was there disappears.

It’s like you wake up from a nap and realize that what you dreamed about was a dream.

And what shakes you awake? 

It’s your “true self”—that part of you unencumbered by life’s tough stuff. 

That part of you shouts, “Hey, wake up from the dream!”

“Revelations” tells the story of someone who tried to make changes based on something fake and that “creation could not support” what they were trying to do.

But then they get a flash of understanding—a “ray of light”—opened their eyes. They got a significant insight that changed the way they looked at everything.

As the songwriter says, this isn’t just any change. It’s a “transformation.”

When this kind of change happens, you can’t see the world the same way ever again. You’ve grown and changed way too much.

“Revelation” tells us that if we discover and stay true to who we are, we can feel a fantastic love and spread it all around. 

The tune tells us we can all be part of a beautiful, brand-new world if we’re honest with who we are.

But how do we make it happen?

Make a wish upon a star.

That you will see yourselves

As who you really are

Talk to your God in your thoughts

To hit your targets

Ask Him to make your thoughts clear

To your heart

The song ends by saying we must drop the make-believe—the illusions. 

When we stop chasing what’s not there, we can finally be comfortable being our true selves. 

That’s a huge change, and it sticks around forever.

So, “Revelation” by Doug and Jean Carn isn’t just a song. It’s a whole message that if we let go of what’s fake and embrace what’s real, we can be happy and abide in something way more relaxed and incredible than anything we’ve ever dreamed of.

It’s about moving from believing in false expectations to abiding in the wonder of who we are. 

Now that’s a struggle to engage in —and sing along to!

Join us via Zoom on February 21, 2024, at 7 pm for our next Spiritual Jazz & Meditation Jam Session. 

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