Revelation: Illusion, Authenticity, and Awareness

The “Meditativist says:  In recognizing and integrating our multifaceted selves, we find true liberation and the capacity to contribute meaningfully to the world around us.

Summary: In our third “Spiritual Jazz and Meditation Jam Session” on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, we explored the journey from an illusion-driven false self to an authentic true one through Doug and Jean Carn’s “Revelation.” Along our journey from false to true self, we used meditation to make friends with these two selves and others and to develop a moment-by-moment recognition of all our “selves.”  This recognition allows “rays of light” to shift our perspectives and highlights the importance of embracing our multifaceted identities to foster personal growth and connect deeply with others.

In our Spiritual Jazz and Meditation Jam Session on February 20, 2024, we explored Doug and Jean Carn’s “Revelation,” focusing on distinguishing between the false and true selves.   

False Self 

When we encounter the false self, we engage with the parts of our identity shaped by external influences and societal expectations. It’s the mask we wear, often unconsciously, to navigate the world’s complexities.

The lyrics suggest the “false self” is not real; It’s an “illusion.” However, it defines us, And we try to modify and perfect it. We do this thinking fulfillment, gratification, and satisfaction will follow. What happens? We are sad and disillusioned when we pursue trying “to change something that’s not real.”

 True Self 

We also have a “true self.” It’s a more profound and authentic aspect of our identity. It resonates with our “true nature.”


A “ray of light” awakens us from “our dream” and helps us see the “illusion” we’ve embraced. “The burning is gone.” We’ve “detached.”

We recognize we’ve been organizing our lives around “something that was not real.” It’s a thought so bright we could not continue to live a life of illusion and confusion. 

A profound change happened. We moved beyond the false self and aligned with the core of who we indeed are. “My self has come on home.”

Another Self

Who is “the self” that recognizes that we have a false and true self? 

We didn’t explore this important question. 

Integrating Distinctions

However, we explored whether distinguishing between a false and true self is helpful — a distinction that suggests we have two parts to our identity – a social or constructed or false one and an authentic or true self. 

However, there is a third one – a “self” that recognizes dissonance and non-dissonance- and a fourth one that notes, observes, or witnesses the other three. Meditate on that!

Making Friends With Illusion

When we use meditation to make friends with illusion and non-illusion, we go beyond meditation as a relaxation mode. We’ve entered the realm of meditation as a mode of investigation.

We use meditation to make distinctions between the parts of our identity we’re expressing at any given moment—are we hiding in an illusion or living authentically?

What self is making that distinction? 

What “self” is aware of all this?


False Self 

True Self 



Parts of our identity shaped by external influences and societal expectations

Deeper, authentic aspects of our identity that resonate with our true nature

Questioning which parts of our identity we’re expressing at any given moment

Example from Doug Carn’s Lyrics

Trying to change something not real

Beings of a brand new world

The burning is gone.
And my self has come on home


The mask we wear, often unconsciously, to navigate the world’s complexities.

Discovering one’s true self, illuminated by the light of truth and understanding

Guides us toward embracing all of our “selves” and connecting with others in meaningful ways

Through the lyrics of “Revelation,” we see the power of self-discovery and the importance of distinguishing between the selves we embody. Personal growth requires us to make distinctions.

We’re evolving beings living in an expanding Universe, and the “dance” among all our “selves” guides us toward acknowledging our false levels,  living more authentically by embracing our true selves, and connecting with others in meaningful ways.

Forever Woke

“Revelation” beckons us to recognize and honor all our “selves.” So”rays of light can continuously shine through” and is a beautiful testament to the transformative power of “awareness” and what “wakes” us up and keeps us “woke.”

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