What Do I Believe?

What do I believe? What do you believe?

During “The 1960s Project Live” (November 10, 2020), Linda posted a question in The Chat:” What was my philosophy? In my blog, I Got By, With Lots of Help, that accompanies the “Live,” I sum up my essay with the following four points:

Life is full of traps. Fortunately for me, I’ve been able to get “the bait” (the nourishment) without getting tangled (“caught”). “The 1960s Project” ) and its ancillary activities are two examples of how I continue to “hold space” so that Sankofa-like, we can look back to move forward.

We have to be able to hold different and contradictory claims in our minds, to come to grips with any internal dissonance that might cause, and to be able to imagine and work for new possibilities.  We don’t have to be “stuck.” With every problem, a solution co-arises. 

Since we’re evolutionary beings living in an expanding Universe, all “normals” are new ones. Consequently, we have to become adept at knowing how long to hold onto “the known” and when to grasp “the unknown.” When the old is fading, and the new is coming into view, a moment of true freedom of choice appears.

In the words of Mary Church Terrell, because to whom much is given, much is expected, we have to continue to lift as we climb.

I will share more beliefs in future blogs. In the meantime, leave your comments below. What do you believe?

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