July 1,2018

Doing, Gaining Insight & Being In A Yoga Nidra Meditation

A Yoga Nidra Meditation can be a very busy meditation. We provide meditators a “to-do list." Note Objects of Awareness Rotate Consciousness Around an Object Sense an Object as an...

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February 29,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #24: Stillness Matters

Stillness Matters. As we bring our mind/body into stillness, we are able (i) to release tensions and struggle, allowing us to abide in a Vast Openness. Relaxation happens; (ii) to...

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February 22,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #23: Turning the Light Back On...

The meditation instruction was: Turn the Light back on Itself Use your mind to "mind your Mind" Be conscious of "being Conscious" Be aware of "being Aware"   As my...

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February 21,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #22: All Is Perspective

Since “All is “Perspective!” How many “Perspectives” can you hold in your mind simultaneously?   Some examples:   Example #1 What do I think about me? What do I think...

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February 20,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #21: Kendrick Lamar

Untitled 3 (Grammy Performance) Kendrick Lamar   “Untitled,” yet designated by a number. “Untitled,” yet identified by an occasion. “Untitled,” yet attached to a performer’s name.   This “untitled performance”...

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February 19,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #20: Two Freedoms–Detachment & Engagement

On the one hand, freedom is an act of liberation from, abiding in, or transcending. This is a freedom of detachment from the exigencies of our existence. In this freedom,...

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February 18,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #19b: Something Out Of Nothing

Since Every-Thing is Every-Thing, Some-Thing is No-Thing And, No-Thing is Some-Thing else.   In our web inter-dependency (in our Matrix), Reality is an illusion/Illusion…a reality.   So, in as much...

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February 17,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #19: Our Triple Gem

Our “Triple Gems”   We need someone or something to believe in, someone who makes it all seem so possible. They were able to do it; therefore, so too can...

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February 16,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #18: Beyonce–Get In “Formation”

What was it? It wasn’t the 50th  Anniversary of the Summer of 1964 It wasn’t the 50th  Anniversary of the Signing of the Civil Rights Act It wasn’t the 50th ...

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February 15,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #17: A “Formation” Of One’s Own

Contested Narratives: Forming a Formation of My Own “My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana “You mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas bama “I like my baby heir with...

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