February 11,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #13: Bringing Light to our Shadows

Meditation ​ Brings light to our shadows…. Reveals the impermanent nature of our being…. Unveils our psychologically, socially and culturally constructed nature…. Reinforces our freedom to choose to transform ourselves...

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February 10,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #12: Microscope, Telescope & Oscilloscope

Microscope. Telescope. Oscilloscope. Shenzhen Young (http://www.shinzen.org/) uses these scientific investigation tools as metaphors to explain how we use our minds in a mindfulness meditation session. Microscope: We use our minds...

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February 9,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #11: Meditation “Take-Aways”

What my mind gets from practicing meditation regularly: Variety, intensity & contrast.... Solution, resolution & revelation.... Closure, focus & stillness….

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February 8,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #10: Despair/Hope–A Short Meditation

Working With Opposites – Despair/Hope -- A Short Meditation “Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Either close your eyes or lower your eyelids so that your eyes only have...

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February 7,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #9: 12 Years A Yogi

12 Years a Yogi: During the first week of February 2004, I officially started practicing a form of Hatha Yoga,  known as “Bikram Yoga.” During my 12 years of practice,...

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February 6,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #8: The Fourth Level Of Human...

“The topic of the retreat, and its goal, is the turiya state – the elusive fourth level of human consciousness. During the typical human experience, say the Yogis, most of...

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February 5,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #7: More And Less And More

Witness more Attach Less   Witness more Form Less   Witness more Be More

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February 3,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #6: Who am I? What am...

Reflections   I have a body. I honor my body. I have feelings. I honor my feelings. I have emotions. I honor my emotions. I have thoughts. I honor my...

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February 1,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #5: Why the “Present Moment?”

Once upon a time people were always worrying about what was going to happen tomorrow, and were always being weighed down by the decisions they had made and the actions...

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