February 3,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #6: Who am I? What am...

Reflections   I have a body. I honor my body. I have feelings. I honor my feelings. I have emotions. I honor my emotions. I have thoughts. I honor my...

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February 1,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #5: Why the “Present Moment?”

Once upon a time people were always worrying about what was going to happen tomorrow, and were always being weighed down by the decisions they had made and the actions...

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January 30,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #4: Solutions & Resolutions

Once upon a time, we approached all our problems as if they had "solutions" we could come up with all by ourselves. We had great confidence in our ability to...

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January 28,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #3: The Power Of Now

Indeed, there is “power” in “now.” At some point during a meditation session, I get to experience directly, “The Power in Now.” When I’m in The Present Moment, I’m aware...

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January 27,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #2: Seeing In Others What We...

“We only see in others what we see in ourselves.” I’ve been pondering this statement for several years. If we see good in others, that’s because we see it in...

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January 24,2016

Mindfulness Theories & Practices #1: Bringing Back a Wandering Mind

“Get out of your head,” the Mindfulness Meditation Instructor said. So as my mind wandered, I brought my attention back to my breath. As thoughts filled my head, I brought...

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October 11,2015

“Justice Or Else”

"Justice or Else" was the theme of the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. On 10.10.15, I attended the gathering on the Capitol grounds. I was on the Mall 20 years...

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