December 8,2020

I Was A History Maker While History Was Being Made

PEGGY BEECHAM Class of 1966 From birth, my journey as a baby boomer through my formative years, through young adulthood, and now into my mature status as a retired senior...

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December 7,2020

Jerome’s Birthday Dinner 12-05-2020

Click Here To See The Menu of Bar + Bean (Black Owned in DC) Kale Salad Mixed Salad Lasagna w/Beyond Meat BBQ JackFruit Sandwich Baked Beans Grilled Vegetables Spicy Lemonade Pineapple...

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December 6,2020

My Three Birthday Wishes

It's Day 3 of my weekend birthday celebration. On Day 1, I walked for 73 minutes to honor my 73rd birthday. On Day 2,  I tried to acknowledge all the best wishes...

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December 5,2020


It's Day 2 of my weekend birthday celebration. Yesterday, I walked for 73 minutes to honor my 73rd birthday. Also, I tried to acknowledge all the best wishes I received....

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December 1,2020

“To get a good job, get a good education. Go...

LOUIS HICKSClass of 1969“To get a good job, get a good education.  Go to college.” This commercial repeatedly aired when I was watching my favorite television shows as an adolescent. I...

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November 24,2020

From Dismissed to Indispensable

ANNA BRELAND Class of 1969 I had no one to guide me on how to choose a college. Yet, I ended my career as a school counselor… I attended a...

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November 16,2020

Race & Economics Damages: A Conference Presentation 11/20/2020

"Economics of the Draft DC Bill based on the California SB41" Calculating Economic Damages Without Race- and Gender-Based Discrimination, by Subodh Mathur, Jerome Paige, and Richard Lockley1 In our conference presentation, we'll demonstrate how...

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November 13,2020

What Do I Believe?

What do I believe? What do you believe? During "The 1960s Project Live" (November 10, 2020), Linda posted a question in The Chat:" What was my philosophy? In my blog, I Got...

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November 10,2020

I Got By, With Lots of Help

JEROME PAIGE, PH.D. Class of 1965 In 1965 I graduated from Germantown High School in Philadelphia, PA, uncertain what life would bring. Now at age 72.  I have no plans...

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November 8,2020

Puzzle Assembly

We've spent four  Saturday nights putting together a puzzle. What's your Saturday night activity these days?

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