September 7,2020

Race, Gender & Ethnicity In Estimating Economic Damages

I want to tell you about one part of my recent work, which has the potential of eliminating the negative impact of discrimination in earnings in a narrowly focused area....

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September 6,2020

Rewards, Epiphanies & Recognitions: Mixing “Mystery” To Life and Living

GORDON BASICHISClass of 1965My life has been eventful. Eventful can reap its own rewards, but it can often inspire remarkable epiphanies as well as terrifying recognitions.  Such is life, and...

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August 4,2020

135 Days…147 Classes… & Counting

When I look back on my practice, I can delineate stages. Stage 1: I was adjusting to a virtual practice. I was getting accustomed to the technology and to practicing...

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July 30,2020

To My Surprise…A Delightful Class With Celine

On April 15, 2020, I took my first class with Celine. The next day, I posted:  In last night’s “Body Burn & Beats with Celine Berthaud.” I felt like the proverbial...

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July 26,2020

Lullabies to Teach the Heart To Fight & Win

Some lullabies for sleeping, a lullaby for weepingAnd one to teach my heart to fight and winThis Al Jarreau stanza comprises lines in the lyrics to his song “Something That You Said,”...

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July 21,2020

Mathur Helps Us Think Like An Economist

Have you ever wanted to explore how economists think and apply their ideas? Check out "Core Economics - Volume 1" by Subodh Mathur. It's available on Amazon.com Subodh and I...

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July 10,2020

110 Days…123 Classes… & Counting

Kendra Blackett-Dibinga asked me: What's my current class count? As of this morning's 6 am Bikram Yoga Virtual session, I've taken 123 classes since March 22, 2020.  Recently, Kendra, Helena...

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July 7,2020

Economics for Yogis 004 — “Attachment”

In Buddhist teachings, "attachment," comes in two forms -- attraction & aversion. It's either positive (hope) or negative (fear). An economist's version of this comes from their discipline's model of...

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July 7,2020

Economics for Yogis 003 — Buddhist Economics — Work

In 1966 E. F. Schumacher published "Buddhist Economics." People have continued to read it.I probably first read it in 1972 or 1973, and it's one of those essays I re-read...

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July 6,2020

Economics for Yogis-002 Paycheck Protection Plan Extended to August 8,...

  Federal Government Extends "The Paycheck Protection Program." Here's a link to an article: https://www.businessinsider.com/paycheck-protection-program-extended-what-owners-need-to-know-2020-7 If you haven't already, I suggest you discuss with your financial advisor the benefits of this...

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